Palera1n semi-tethered Jailbreak – iOS 15 to iOS 16.3

Palera1n is the first semi-tethered checkm8 jailbreak for A9-A11 smartphones running iOS 15 – iOS 15.7.2 and iOS 16 – iOS 16.3.

Palera1n Jailbreak Compatible iOS & iPadOS

iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.2 /iOS 16.1.2 / iOS 16.1.1 / iOS 16.1 / iOS 16.0.2 / iOS 16.0.1 / iOS 16 / iOS 15.7.1 / iOS 15 .7 / iOS 15.6.1 / iOS 15.6 / iOS 15.5 / iOS 15.4.1 / iOS 15.4 / iOS 15.3.1 / iOS 15.3 / iOS 15.2.1 / iOS 15.2 / iOS 15.1.1 / iOS 15.1 / iOS 15.0.2 / iOS 15.0.1 and iOS 15

Download Palera1n

Palera1n 1.4.1 is now available for download, including iOS 16 jailbreak support all the way up to iOS 16.3.

Please keep in mind that this is still a work in progress. The Palera1n Jailbreak is only for developers.

Latest Update: 

V 1.4.1 Beta (For Mac)
Palera1n 1.4.0 beta graphical interface!!

## iOS 15 - iOS 16.3 beta Support. 
## Supports only checkm8 compatible devices.
## Support mac os high sierra 10.13.6 up to mac os monterey 12.6.2
Download / Install

v 1.4.1 Released
## Bug fixes and improvements
## ibot.patched fix
## Use payload on the X
## use jq --arg for variables by @nyuszika7h in #283
## Update to say iOS 16 instead of iOS 15 by @BigBoiMan123 in #284
## fix dfuhelper instructions in phase 2 by @nyuszika7h in #288
## fix removal of existing dsc on fakefs by @nyuszika7h in #291
## fix developer mode patch by @guacaplushy in #294
## fix stderr not going to log file by @nyuszika7h in #293
Download / Install

Device Compatibility: A9-A11 devices only

iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, iPad 7th gen (2019), iPad 6th gen (2018), iPad Pro 12.9” & 10.5” 2nd gen (2017), iPad 5th gen (2017), iPad Pro 12.9” 1st gen, iPad Pro 9.7”

Requirements before starting the jailbreak

  • Enabling developer mode – Enabling developer mode only requires iOS 16 and above jailbreak.
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap on “Privacy and Security”.
  • Scroll down to “Developer Mode” then tap it.
  • Toggle the Developer Mode toggle on, then tap “Restart”.
  • After your device reboots, tap “Turn On” to enable developer mode.

If you are iOS 15.7.1 – iOS 15 -, please skip this part.

Palera1n is a jailbreak for checkm8-enabled devices (A11 or below). Support currently runs from 15.0 to 16.1.

Palera1n was created in response to axi0mX’s discovery

Palerain Virtual Jailbreak

If you have the A16, A15, A14, and A13 models, This is for you. The Plarain Virtual Jb app has been updated to work with Apple’s newest iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 models.

The Plara1n Semi jailbreak tool is not compatible with the iPhone models listed above, however, you may install Sileo on iOS 15 – iOS 16.2 by using the Palera1n virtual Jailbreak app.


Install Plarain Virtual Jailbreak

After following the steps below, you can install the plara1n virtual app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 01: Download Plara1n Virtual app using the above download button.

Step 02: After Downloading Open iPhone settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Install “Palera1n” Profile.

How to install Plara1n Jailbreak virtual app on iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11 iOS 16.1 and below

Step 03: Open the Palerain app then tap on the “Jailbreak” button, This will download the Sileo Downloader app.

Step 04: Open Cydia Downloader and install Sileo.

of a bootrom vulnerability. It is now feasible to jailbreak iPhone/iPad models running iOS 15 using the Palera1n tool developed by @itsnebulalol Nebula.

Only this section applies if you are using iOS 16. Users of iOS 15 should skip this section.

Only instructions for activating developer mode in iOS 16 – iOS 16.3 are provided.

Start the Settings program.
Select “Privacy and Security.”
Scroll down to find “Developer Mode” and tap it.
This option is only available when an app has been sideloaded.
Select “Restart” after activating Developer Mode.
When your smartphone resumes, tap “Turn On” to activate developer mode.
Setting up the jailbreak by following the steps below.
Step 1 – Clone the palera1n repo from Github or clone the Palera1n tethered checkm8 jailbreak with Sileo installed and replace with -b tweaks – -recursive cd palera1n

*If you’ve already cloned the repository, run cd palera1n.

Step 2: Run “./ – -tweaks”

*Before you begin, place your device in DFU Mode.

  • Add – -debug to the end and utilize the resulting logs to troubleshoot any issues.

When your device next enters ramdisk mode, the Tips app will be replaced and blobs will be spilled. It will also set boot args and other variables to prepare for the tether.

Step 3: Restart recovery and return the device to DFU mode.

Step 04: When the device boots up, open the Tips app and click install.

Step 05 – Sileo should have shown on your home screen. If not, go to the Tools menu. Select Do everything.

Step 06 – Go to and add the repository.

Install OpenSSH, wget, and curl in Step 7.

Step 8 – Make sure your device is plugged into your Mac before pressing enter.

Step 9 – Sileo will now vanish, and Substitute and Sileo with icons will appear. This may take some time because more packages must be downloaded.

Step 10 – Install PreferenceLoader from and NewTerm 2 from Chariz.

Step 11 – Your iPhone will restart when you press enter on the Mac. When palera1n displays “Done,” the modifications should be ready to use.

How to Get Rid of Palera1n
Using the commands described below on a PC or Mac while your device is connected and in DFU mode, you can unjailbreak it again. To undo the jailbreak, you do not need to restore.

If you use Linux, you must first finish another step.

Open a terminal window and type the following commands:
systemctl shutdown usbmuxd

usbmuxd -f -p sudo

Open a second terminal and then complete the following instructions in that terminal window.
Clone the repository with git clone -b tweaks -recursive
If you’ve previously cloned the repository, type cd palera1n.
“./ – -restore-rootfs” should be executed.
If you’re having issues, add – -debug to the end and utilize the logs to troubleshoot.
You should be able to use your phone normally after your device boots into iOS.

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