IPad mini 6 Reviews: The Impressive iPad Air in a Smaller Size

The iPad Air 4 was introduced a year ago. And since then it has been becoming one of the most popular iPads in Apple’s history.

The new iPad mini 6 is also in the same design line. But it’s everything is too small. Its iPad has a  large screen as in the same physical space of the previous generation while improving all other aspects; better screen, better audio, support for the Apple Pencil 2.

And it has a lot of speed as well as the last generation A15, and also the version with five cores in its GPU. And Apple takes a long time to update the iPad mini.

But when it puts them on the same level as the last iPhones which were released in that year. This time it did not make a difference and added the first major redesign of the iPad mini since it was presented at+ the first generation at the end of the year 2012.   

For this reason, the first reviews from specialized journalists and YouTubers have been published now that Apple’s information embargo has ended. 

It’s a positive and great option. Everyone is raving about the new all-screen design of the iPad mini 6, how fast it works? The convenience of carrying it. However, they also criticize that the battery life is not good. 

Because it is smaller than the other iPad models. 

The smaller batteries too have expected power to operate it. The lives of the batteries may be short. So there is no need to think about it anymore.

Whoever buys a small device knows that the battery life is not good. In Wired, For example, they complain that after using the iPad mini with different Apps, such as the secondary screen of the Mac using Sidecar and making Zoom calls, the battery power is enough to operate them for at least about six hours. But if they use lightly and not a long time it may be last for a whole day.    

This is the super technological video, YouTuber in the US, Marques Brownlee:

And here’s the well-edited Engadget video review. The iPad mini 6 will reach the first buyers this Friday, along with the first units of the iPhone 13.                                               

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