Apple has released a slew of critical security updates for their products, as it has done every second quarter this year.

Here are all of the major updates for the second quarter.

The News

Apple has released security updates to address flaws in a wide range of products. A hacker could exploit some of these flaws to gain control of a vulnerable system. Apple states that they are aware of research indicating that CVE-2022-22675 was actively exploited. The vulnerability CVE-2022-22675 affects watchOS, tvOS, and macOS Big Sur.

CISA encourages administrators and users to visit the Apple Security Pages for the products listed below and apply the necessary updates.

  • 8.6 watchOS
  • 15.3 TV OS
  • Catalina for macOS
  • macOS 11.6.6 Big Sur
  • Monterey 12.4 for Macintosh
  • iOS 15.5 and iPad OS 15.5
  • 13.4 XCode:

WatchOS 8.6:

Along with the release of iOS 15.5 for the iPhone, iPadOS 15.5 for the iPad, and watchOS 8.6 for the Apple Watch, Apple also released watchOS 8.6 for the Apple Watch.

The latest watchOS 8.6 software update includes bug fixes and performance improvements. It also supports Apple’s ECG feature for Mexican users.

The update is now available for your Apple Watch. This is done through your iPhone’s Apple Watch app.

To install the update, first charge the Apple Watch and make sure it has at least 50% battery life.
While there are no significant changes to the Apple Watch in this new software update, if you’re looking for major new features on the Apple Watch.

However, we are likely to learn about a slew of new Apple Watch features at the Worldwide Developer Conference later this month.

Apple will unveil watchOS 9, iOS 16, and iPadOS 16, as well as TVOS 16 and a brand new version of macOS at their Worldwide Developer Conference in June. The conference will take place from June 6th to June 10th.

Because this is a significant release, it will be fascinating to see what new features will be added to the Apple Watch with the watchOS 9.0 update.


Apple has released tvOS 15.3 and HomePod software 15.3 to the general public, with the latest updates focusing on platform stability, bug fixes, and ecosystem enhancements.

The tvOS updates will be installed automatically. However, they can also be manually installed on an Apple TV via the Settings app. Users can also update their HomePods using the Home app for iOS and macOS.

TVOS updates are typically minor maintenance releases that add support for new services and products while also improving the user experience in minor ways. Updates can sometimes bring new features; however, it does not appear that way with this version at this time.

macOS Catalina:

The most recent version of the world’s most popular desktop operating system, macOS, is now available as a free software update.

Users will be able to play Apple Arcade, a groundbreaking new subscription service for games that features unique, brand-new games created by the world’s most innovative developers, with macOS Catalina.

Catalina also includes a new Mac version of Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV apps to expand your Mac’s entertainment options.

iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5:

Apple iOS 15.5 makes no significant changes to the feature set of iPhones. However, there are enough changes under the hood.

The iOS 15.5 update will include the following new features:

One of the major changes was made as part of an update to the Podcast app. The Podcast app now includes an updated setting that allows users to choose the number of podcast episodes that can be saved on the iPad or iPhone.

The new setting will delete older podcasts from the device while retaining the maximum number of episodes that can be stored on the mobile device. Apple Pay Cash (also known as Apple Pay):

The Wallet’s Pay Cash section now has separate “Request” and “Send” buttons. Users will find it easier to manage their money. The universal control feature in iPadOS 15.5 has been debuted. For eligible iPads, the 15.5 update is the stable version.

This new feature enables apps to link to an external site for account management as well as other functions. For example, a Spotify-like app may allow users to sign up for its services outside of Apple’s App Store purchase system.

Apple also announced a new feature that prevents media taken in specific locations from appearing in Photos Memories. For example, if you mark your home, it will be one of the sensitive locations.

The images will not appear in the iPhone’s Photo Memories from this location. Apple has made an API available for third-party music applications (other than Apple Music) to control the speed of music playback.

The API has been reactivated after being deactivated in iOS 15.4. Along with these minor feature updates, iOS 15.5, as well as iPadOS 15.5, will include a number of security enhancements. The most recent update includes more than 25 security enhancements and is available on Apple’s official security support website.


To ensure a smooth performance, we recommend that all of our readers update their Apple devices.

That’s all we have for now. We’ll be back soon with more updates, but in the meantime, Stay tuned, and have a wonderful day!

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