There are a couple of iOS settings on iOS 15 that are more useful when disabled. Credit: imago images / NurPhoto

iOS 15: Now switch off 3 settings – it saves money

If you have upgraded your iPhone with the new iOS 15, fine-tuning is a good idea. According to experts, some hiring results in unnecessary costs.

If you use your smartphone all the time, it can end up costing you money too. The reason is simple. Certain activities and functions may cause you to consume more data volume than you wanted, which, for example, leads to higher expenses for internet use by booking extra. To avoid this from the outset, several iOS settings can be deactivated under iOS 15.

iOS 15: Keep an Eye on 3 iOS Settings

It can always happen that you have used up your monthly data unexpectedly early. In this case, it is worth taking a closer look even with the new iOS 15. Some of the included iOS settings are more likely to mess up your data plan. If you switch it off, you can save money in the best case.

iOS setting # 1: backup via mobile data

As ZDNet explains, Apple warns against creating backups if you only surf with your mobile data. Accordingly, “it can lead to you exceeding your mobile data”. The feature can easily be deactivated under iOS 15:

  • Settings> tap your name> iCloud> iCloud backup> backup via mobile data> slide the switch to the left

iOS setting # 2: iCloud

In order to generally avoid backups outside of cost-saving WiFi connections, you can also go another way. You switch off the downloading of data via the cellular network directly by deactivating the iCloud backup in this area.

  • Settings> Cellular> iCloud Backup> Slide the switch to the left

iOS setting # 3: preload the browser

A browser is not always as fast as it appears. So-called “top hits” or websites are preloaded, which can eat up data. Depending on the browser, these functions can be switched off differently under iOS 15.

  • Safari : Settings> Safari> Preload top hits> Slide the switch to the left
  • Chrome : Three-point menu at the top right> Settings> Privacy and security> “Preload pages …”> Slide the switch to the left

Sources: ZDNet, own research Credit: imago images / NurPhoto

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