iOS 15.4 Jailbreak

iOS 15.4 jailbreak

iOS 15.4 Beta was recently launched by Apple with a number of extraordinary features. iPhone Jailbreaking has always been a feature of the Internet because it offers users extraordinary features to explore. We will reveal all the iOS 15.4 Jailbreak information on this page. You can find iOS 15.4 Beta Jailbreak tools/solutions, iOS 15.4 Virtual Jailbreak, iOS 15.4 Cydia, and much more.

ios 15.4 jailbreak
ios 15.4 jailbreak online

Checkra1n is one of the many semi-tether applications used to jailbreak an iPhone. The good news is, you can now get the unlinked version of Checkra 1 n online, which lets you jailbreak your iOS without the need to connect with other devices.

Checkra1n semi-untethered virtual jailbreak tool is now available for iOS and iPadOS 15.4 Jailbreak.

Checkra1n semi-untethered virtual tool can be installed directly from Zion jailbreak application manager.
Checkra1n Virtual Tool supports all iOS and iPad devices running version 15.4.
Download the Checkra1n Semi-Unlocked Virtual Tool from the link below. Be sure to open this page from Mobile Safari to install.

Jailscripting for iOS 15.4

Jailscripting is another way to get Jailbreak features for iOS 15.4 devices, but some are still not compatible with iPadOS 15.4.
Home Screen theme change and Lock Screen theme change can also be done with Jailscripting method.

By installing Jailscripting you can easily install iOS themes, tweaks and other important features. However, some features may not be available for iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4. You can also change the theme of the home screen and lock screen with the help of Jail Scripting. You can easily download JailScripting from the official website of

Jailbreak iOS 15 Using UncOver

UncOver has become one of the most trusted names in iOS Jailbreak. The main advantage of using it is that you do not need to install Cydia externally. As soon as you jailbreak using UncOver you will see that it is installed on your device. Here are the steps you need to follow to jailbreak your iOS 15.4 using UncOver.

Go to your device’s Settings app and go to General Settings.
Then go to Background App refresh and enable it.
Go to Battery Settings in the Settings app.
Disable it and go to App Store settings.
Enable the automatic download feature.

Now go to Safari and install UncOver from
After downloading, go to Settings Applications and click on Downloaded Profile.
Then click on Install Profile and enter your iPhone password.
Open UncOver and click the Jailbreak button.
You will see that Cydia is installed automatically on your device.

Jailbreak iOS 15.4 Using Zeon

It is a Jailbreak repo extractor. It allows you to enjoy all the features of Jailbreaking like Themes, Modifications and Apps. You can easily install Cydia by quoting the Cydia Store. Here are the steps you can take to download Zion and install Cydia:

Install Zeon using your Safari by going to zeon-app.XYZ.
Tap on Allow
It will download in your device settings.
Go to Settings. Then tap Download Profile.
Click on Install. Enter the passcode of your device.
Once installed you will see the Zion app on your home screen.
Open Zion, go to Repo extractor. Click on Get Repos and then on Application Managers.
Then type and the Cydia repo will be extracted. You will be redirected to the Cydia installation page. Tap on Download, and you will get Cydia on your device.

Sideloadly Updated for iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4

According to common users, sideloadly successfully supports version 15.4.
So the only option to load IPA files onto your device is sideloadly. At the moment both versions of Windows and macOS are supported sideloading.

How to use sideloadly?

iOS 15.4 users can now load IPA files directly from mobile devices. The Unknown Jailbreak team released this method. According to Sideload Online, this method is supported on top of iOS 15..2, including iOS 15.4 / 15.3.1 / 15.3 / 15.2.1 and 15.2. This is the easiest way to load IPA files onto your iOS device.

Step 01. Download sideloadly according to your computer operating system

Step 02. Open sideloadly

Step 03. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer

Step 04. Drag and drop the download IPA file to sideloadly

Step 05. Enter your Apple ID and then tap the start button

Step 06. Enter Apple ID password

Step 07. Tap Ok

Step 08. Now you can see the verification code popup on your Device

Step 09. Enter verification code

Step 10. Now tap the Ok button

Step 11. Wait for the Done message

Step 12. Check your Device once appear Done message

Step 13. Now go to Settings > General > Profile and Device management and Trust the App

Step 14. All Done

How to find iOS 15.4 Jailbreak method

According to Jailbreak Developers Twitter Profiles, they are working on releasing a Jailbreak tool for iOS 15 and above. All Jailbreak tools have their own way and devices are compatible. So you can not find the right jailbreak method to install Cydia or Sileo.

The world-renowned Elcomsoft team has tweeted the keyboard that has been successfully extracted with CheckM8 Exploit and can even capture the entire file system. So for those who are waiting for iOS 15.3 Jailbreak, this will be great news.

iOS 15.4 kernel arbitrary code execution in IOMobileFrameBuffer

Another possible iOS 15.3 Jailbreak news from Meysam Firouzi Security Researcher. But he reported this bug to Apple. So Apple will fix this issue from upcoming iOS versions.

But still, we can keep hope for iOS 15.4 jailbreak because of this bug find.

Cydia Themes for iOS 15.4

iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4 users can now install Cydia themes on your iOS device. These themes do not require jailbreak and you can install it without Cydia or sileo.
The best way to get Cydia themes without jailbreak is the Ela Theme store. You can install the Ela theme from the Zeon Application Manager.

iOS 15.4 jailbreak solutions

the most famous jailbreak solutions are,

Pikzo jailbreak

PiKzo is an iOS 15 – iOS 15.1, iOS 15.2 beta Jailbreak solution. You can install thousands of awesome Jailbreak apps with Pikzo. Now it is compatible with the new iOS 15.4 beta profile.PikZo offers a bundle of jailbroken apps, tweaks, hacked games, and many more. 

TiJong Xūnǐ Jailbreak

TiJong Xūnǐ is the newly launched Chinese Jailbreak solution for all iPhone and iPad models. It installs Cydia 2 after the Tijong virtual jailbreak process. Both Chinese and English versions are available for download.

Zeon is one of the best iOS 15.4 Jailbreak repo extractors. You can install jailbreak apps, themes, and tweaks extracting repo using the Zeon repo extractor. It allows you to add stores similar to Jailbreak. You can find and install tons of iOS 15 Jailbreak tweaks and 3rd party apps up to iOS 15.4 under Zeon repositories.

 iOS 15.4++ (Virtual )

You can install iOS 15.4 Virtual OS as an application. It’s called iOS 15.4 ++. It offers iOS 15.4 ++ Virtual Jailbreak experience.

You can jailbreak this virtual iOS 15.4 ++ using Marron Jailbreak to install Cydia. MarronJB is an inbuilt jailbreak application for a virtual jailbreak experience. You will see iOS 15.4 Web-Based Jailbreak OS to install Cydia on it.

We tested iOS 15.4 ++ on the following devices.

iPhone 12 XS max – Success

iPhone 8 – Successful

iPad pro – Success

Unc0ver (virtual)
Unc0ver was the most reliable semi-created Jailbreak made by renowned developer Pwn20wnd.

However, unc0ver does not support iOS 14.8. So it makes no sense to test the original Unc0ver Jailbreak tool with iOS 15.4.

Cripzi repo signer for iOS 15.4

Cripzi is the most popular jailbreak repo extractor. Cripzi repo extractor can be used to extract repos and install jailbreak apps, themes, and tweaks. now it is compatible with the new iOS 15.4.

Esign patches for iOS 15.4
You can install the Esign application online with E-sign Patch. You can use the E-sign app to sign the IPA file on your device.


Zylon is a community-based third-party development where you can install Jailbreak apps, tweak themes and much more.

We previously tested Zylon on iOS 15.4 beta 3 and beta 4 on the following devices: We used the same device list to test Zylon’s compatibility with the latest beta 5 release. There were no issues or device slowdowns after installing Zylon with the following devices while running iOS 15.4 Beta 5. Recommend installing Jailbreak apps related to iOS 15.4 with Zylon on iOS 15.4.


What will Cydia look like in iOS 15.4?

Cydia is the default application manager for Jailbroken devices. So, to install Cydia you need to jailbreak iOS 15.4. After you jailbreak iOS 15.4 it will automatically install fully functional Cydia with any semi-incompatible Jailbreak tool.

Currently we can not jailbreak iOS 15.4 because it has not been released yet. We can get an idea of ​​what Cydia looks like in iOS 15.4 with virtual jailbreak.

How to install iOS 15.4 beta right now

Apple released iOS 15.4 beta 5 for developers. If you are registered Apple developer you can download iOS 15.4 beta or iPadOS 15.4 beta using the following guide.

Step 01 – Go to on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 02 – Tap on the “Discover” > System > Download.

Step 03 – Log in with your developer account & go to the iOS 15.4 beta section.

Step 04 – Now tap  download to start downloading the iOS beta, Tap close once done.

Step 05 – Go to device Settings > Profile Downloaded > Tap Install > Enter your Passcode.

Step 06 – Then tap Restart to apply the changes.

Step 07 – Once reboot again go to Settings > General >  Software Update.Once the update appears, tap on Download and Install.

Unlock Face ID with a mask

Support Tweak – Perseus
iOS 15.4 allows unlocking FaceID with a mask, But jailbroken users can unlock FaceID with the Jailbreak Tweak.
Perseus Tweak can be installed from the below Cydia Repo

  • Step 01. Open Cydia
  • Step 02. Tap Edit and then tap Add button
  • Step 03. Tap Add Source
  • Step 04. Paste the above repo URL and Tap Add Source

Then you can install Perseus Tweak from Cydia to get iOS 15.4 FaceID with a mask feature.

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FilzaEscaped for iOS 15.4

The developer of FilzaEscaped (the file manager tool) recently tweeted, FilzaEscaped for iOS 15 versions.
This is great news for those looking to jailbreak iOS 15 to iOS 15.4 versions. Once you have access to the iOS file system, you can make some changes even without a complete jailbreak.
Here comes the Bas vT Twitter news about FilzaEscaped iOS 15.

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